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Jewelry Studio News

Say hello to Fiver!

She is the newest member of the family and  as many of you may already know from my Facebook Page a couple of months ago this little cutie showed up at my jewelry studio doorstep...well almost! 

But in case you do not know her story it goes like this...back in mid May I was working in my studio one afternoon and the neighbor dogs started going crazy...I finally got up to see what was in the alley and I looked down the way from our back gate and there was a repair person of some kind so I thought that this was what the dogs were excited about but then to my right I heard a rustle in the leaves under our rain barrel(it is raised a bit) and so I went to look underneath thinking it would be a cat, even though it did not really sound like a cat but that would make more sense to me.  Anyway, just as I bent down to look, this precious little white nose popped out...I was a little confused and surprised that she came right out to me and even more surprised that it was a solid white bunny! 

I brought her in the house and went to get water and not really having a rabbit since I was a little kid at first I thought I did not have any rabbit food which quickly became funny to me because isn't that what vegan food is?  Rabbit Food?  LOL!  At least that is what the meat eaters always tell me!   It turns out they are sort of right about that...but just what is wrong with rabbit food anyway?  Not a very good insult...but really none of them ever are. Bless their hearts!   I gave her some greens, carrots  just veggies I had on hand along with some  water  which needless to say  she gobbled right up  and she seemed to be pretty hungry,thirsty, and tired.  It being just a couple of months after Easter my first thought and still is that this sweetie was somebodies Easter present that at first I thought was lost but more than likely just not wanted any longer...which is so sad as she is such a sweetheart. 

I took her to my Vet as soon as possible and found out for certain she was a girl and that she did not have a Microchip.  This meant looking for her previous people would be a little more challenging... The vet suggested that I try to see if anyone was looking for her via Craigslist and Facebook by typing in my area and searching for postings for lost pets.  No luck at all...there were also no posters in the neighborhood in the following weeks etc.  So after no luck we decided to keep her... which was not a hard decision at all as I fell in love right away and all of my animals tend to just show up this way so it felt like it was meant to be...It was like she chose us!  In fact that is what everyone kept telling me"she certainly knew where to go"!   We have two older furbabies(see image to left) already a cat named Miro who walked in my open apartment door 16 years ago and oddly I am not allergic to him even though I am really allergic to most all other cats.  We also have a small dog Julep who is 14 years old and she came through a rescue program when I was working for a lady who rescued dogs from kill shelters and then would get them into no- kill shelters.   The dogs all  had to be quarantined for 30 days before getting in the no-kill shelter and I was the dog nanny for them and for other dogs the lady whose house it was  had.  Being around Julep everyday I just fell in love with her so much that I adopted her before anyone else got a chance, so she also sort of just showed up in my life when I was not really looking. They have both been featured in older blog postings as well and I love them both dearly.  We were not really thinking of adding anyone to our family as they  are older, cranky and set in their ways or so I thought but they are only slightly jealous at times and the rest of the time indifferent to Fiver. I was really surprised that she meshed so well with no drama...but am sooooo relieved.

After we decided to keep her we had to decide on a name and I turned to Facebook and asked everyone for suggestions.  We really got some good ones which I loved..... Pancake made me chuckle and we did get Fiver as a suggestion from some from the book Watership Down by Richard Adams. Years ago I had read  and loved this and also saw the film with John Hurt as Hazel (Fivers brother).  I kept thinking Fiver would be good because so many people kept saying that "she knew where to go to be safe" etc.  and if you have seen the movie or read the book which I highly recommend Fiver is the character who is a "seer" rabbit and gets a feeling or a vision that it is not safe where they are and leads a band of rabbits to leave their warren for a safe place at this big tree far away that he has a vision about, which is Watership Down.    Some rabbits believe Fiver right away including Hazel but others think he is crazy and stay in the warren.  Later it comes out that a housing development came through destroying their field to build houses and filled their holes killing the ones that stayed and only a few got to safety proving that Fiver's vision was correct.   So because my little Fiver " knew where to go" I felt that this was the perfect name for her.   I do not know if she really had a vision or if she is the lucky one ...but I certainly know that I am lucky for having met her and having her in my life everyday is a true blessing!  Welcome home Fiver!

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